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Pro X Knee Pad - Clearance


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Regular Price: DKK545.00

Special Price DKK327.00

*We are tidying up the older colour ways for G-Form*
This Pro X Knee Pad is the same as the current Pro X Knee Pad, but at 40% off! Enjoy...

This is high tech...

These pads are soft and flexible while you're upright, then harden instantly on impact, whilst at the same time absorbing/dissipating over 90% of the impact energy.

Long story short; pads so slim that you forget you have them on, until you hit the ground...

 Thigh (15cm above kneecap)Calf (at largest point)
XS35.5 – 39.5cm28 – 33cm
S39.5 – 42cm33 – 35.5cm
M42 – 44.5cm35.5 – 38cm
L44.5 – 47cm38 – 40.5cm
XL47 – 51cm40.5 – 45.5cm


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Regular Price: DKK545.00

Special Price DKK327.00