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**A must read blog post regarding WTP's 2016 Brushed Raw finish**


The process involved in this year's "Brushed Raw" finish is not perfect, nor is it meant to be.  Each bike will have a totally unique finish and some scuffs from the finishing process may be visible under the clear coat.


Over time, small amounts of surface rust may also become visible under the clear coat if the bike spends a lot of time out in the weather.  This stype of surface rust is cosmetic only and will also be present under the painted finish of other bikes (though it is unable to be seen).


NB. Given the "each bike is 100% unique" nature of the finish, we can only provide these models "as is" and can not swap/offer discounts based on the finish*


*to be clear, the above statement relates to the brushing/finishing process that happens BEFORE the clear coat is applied.  Any imperfections in the clear coat are not affected by the above and would be assessed within normal warranty/reklamation guidelines.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder By Travis

2015 Arcade - Save 1500DKK

05/01/2016 15:39

Our January Sale has begun!

Lots of deals to be had this month.  We'll also be running "spot specials" throughout the month, so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for the hottest deals.


We're starting things off with big savings on the 2015 Wethepeople Aracde.


Was 3195DKK / On sale for 2500DKK until Jan 12th.


2015 WTP Arcade Raw2015 WTP Arcade Green


You can check out all of our deals here.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

The first drop of 2016 WTP completes has landed!


2 standouts in the line-up are the Crysis Freecoaster (now with a clutch-style hub) and the Reason.  Mid-level complete bikes have never been so pro!


2016 WTP Crysis - 5,195DKK


WTP 2016 Crysis



2016 Reason - 4,495DKK

WTP 2016 Reason

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

We've just received a very special shipment of WTP 2014 Curse 18" completes.  These are the absolute last 18" Wethepeople completes we will have in stock until mid-September.



2014 WTP Curse 18" Blue

Comments | Posted in Nyheder By BMX Butikken

The chromed-out Arcade has been one of this year's most popular models.  Now back in stock.  Get 'em while their hot...


2014 WTP Arcade Chrome: 3,200kr

2014 WTP Arcade Chrome


If you're into the chrome look, but you'd like something a little bigger then have a look at both the 2014 WTP Reason and a nice custom Cult x Sunday that we have available:


2014 WTP Reason Blue/Chrome Fade



Sunday Butter Chrome

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

Dylan Stark WTP Pro Edit

30/10/2012 17:58

Dylan Stark's 'welcome to the WTP pro team' edit has a Homan-esque vibe to it: Sabbath, street, pools and dirt.  Kind of had that raw feeling to it aswell.


2013 WTP completes arrive week 46.  If you want to place a preorder, hit us up via the contact form and we'll place the order for you.



Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

"BMX Butikken Janfebruary Mega Sale!"  The name says it all, it's BMX Butikken's first ever January/February clearance sale.


We've got a good mix of new and old parts on sale, with savings ranging from 5% - 50%.  Our sale runs from the 15th of january until the 15th of February (hence the oh so creative name).


So shop away those winter blues and get ready for lots of BMX in the Spring with some big savings!


A little side note: sale prices are vaild on in stock items only.  If we're out of a colour/size that you want, we can of course still order it in for you, but it will be at the regular price.  Happy shopping!


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

Demo Models Super Sale!

27/12/2011 17:37

We've got 3 "demo models" in our warehouse.  Here's the hitch - these offers are for pickup only (as we don't have the boxes).  If you are interested, please email us.  Cash or card can be used, but you can't make your purchse over the site (you pay when you pick up).


This is a "while stocks last" kind of thing and this pricing only applies to these 3 bikes (so you can't choose a different size/colour).


Volume Thrasher Complete Medium Black

Normal price: 5,595kr

Demo price: 4,200kr

Volume Thrasher



Subrosa Letum Complete Medium Black

Normal price: 4,450kr

Demo price: 3,300kr

Subrosa Letum Complete


WTP 2011 Versus Complete Matt Anthracite

Normal price: 4,095kr

Demo price: 2,845kr

WTP 2011 Versus Complete Bike

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

Orders received before 1400 22nd December will ship same day!


All models are back in stock.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

2011 WTP Xmas Special

08/12/2011 12:19

We have a limited number of 2011 WTP completes in stock and we've discounted them for Xmas.  There was a significant price increase for this year's models, so there are some big savings to be had on our remaining 2011 models.


As always, still with free shipping.  All bikes are in stock and ready to ship immediately.


See them all here.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

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