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Eclat Fireball Tyres

09/04/2015 19:45

We have a very limited run of Fireball tyres from Eclat avaialble now.


Gum in 2.3" and 2.4"

Red in 2.3" and 2.4"

Green in 2.3"


Check 'em out.

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March Madness continues!


2 for 1 Eclat Control Tyres: get 2 tyres for 265 DKK* 


Eclat Control Tyres


*Offer valid for the product "Control Tyre 2 for 1 Sale" only.


Comments | Posted in Udsalg By BMX Butikken

Morten's 2012 Summer Edit

08/09/2012 14:59

Morten has been coming over to Copenhagen a fair bit over the summer, so we've really been able to see how fast he progresses first hand.


Definitely one of our favourite riders in DK at the moment (which makes sense as he's on the team), Morten is now also riding for Eclat through Sunshine Distribution.  Well done!


Loads of good stuff in this one.  Enjoy.



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Eclat Ledge Wax Contest

17/07/2012 21:46

Specially formulated for BMX, this stuff goes on thick and grinds fast.  To celebrate it's arrival, we're having a little contest on Facebook.

What you have to do:
- Film a grind on a CONCRETE that is over 3 bike lengths long
- Throw it up on our Facebook page

The winner gets:
- 3 blocks of Eclat Ledge Wax
- 2 Eclat Slotmachine pegs

- Winner is first one to get a video up
- You can have it on Facebook, Youtube or whatever you want.  As long as you get it on the BMX Butikken page in some shape or form (a link to Youtube is fine fx)
- No skateparks allowed


Eclat Ledge Wax

1 Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

Part one of Eclat's Free and Sleazy tour is online and it is pretty rad, if for no other reason than that if you turn your heater up when you watch it, you can totally pretend it is summer...

When you're done, be sure to check out Eclat's 2012 parts line up.  We've just received the 2nd order for 2012, so all the good stuff is in stock and ready to go!


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

The Onyx crank from Éclat are pretty much ground breaking in the world of crank design.


Éclat have put the work in and come up with investment cast pedal and spindle bosses.  Why should you care?  Because by using cast bosses, they've moved the welds from the areas of highest stress, which means stronger cranks to keep you shredding longer!


Along with the innovative design, these cranks also come with some nice finishing touches, like the notched CrMo spindle bolt (means you can really tighten them down and the notches help keep everything tight), as well as sprocket bolts on both arms for RSD/LSD compatibility.


Éclat are claiming these are their strongest cranks yet, but are they beefy enough to take the crown from the oh-so-ugly, yet oh-so-tough Primo Powerbites?  Only time will tell...


They retail for 1,340DKK and are in stock in black, as well as chrome for those in need of some bling around their feet.



Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

Lots of good stuff from Federal, Eclat, Salt and Salt Plus.  You can check it all out on the front page.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

"BMX Butikken Janfebruary Mega Sale!"  The name says it all, it's BMX Butikken's first ever January/February clearance sale.


We've got a good mix of new and old parts on sale, with savings ranging from 5% - 50%.  Our sale runs from the 15th of january until the 15th of February (hence the oh so creative name).


So shop away those winter blues and get ready for lots of BMX in the Spring with some big savings!


A little side note: sale prices are vaild on in stock items only.  If we're out of a colour/size that you want, we can of course still order it in for you, but it will be at the regular price.  Happy shopping!


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

2012 Eclat parts

03/01/2012 13:47

This year's parts look great.  Everything comes in black, orange, midnight teal or chrome/high polish and Eclat has kept up the high standard they are known for.


A couple of our favourites are:


2012 Tibia Cranks

No big changes from 2011, but there was really no need for any!  We have all colours in stock.


Eclat 2012 Tibia Crank



2012 Slotmachine Pegs

These are now sold individually, so it is much easier to get exactly the peg you need.


Eclat 2012 Slotmachine Pegs



2012 Slash Pedals

Last year's Plaza pedals were really popular, though a little on the bulky side for some people.  Enter the Slash pedal, with its lower profile and smaller footprint.


Eclat 2012 Slash Pedals



2012 Torch15 Pivotal Post

Amazing colours and a 15mm offset to the rear (for those of you who feel like maybe Pivotal seats are a little far forward).


Eclat 2012 Torch15


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

2012 Eclat is almost here

09/12/2011 11:37

And we've got big savings on 2011 parts to celebrate!


Let's start things off with 105DKK off all Bondi rims, Eclat's stylish 6000 series entry into the rim world.


Eclat Bondi Round Wall Chrome


Eclat Bondi Straight Wall Red


Check them out here.

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