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Gum Tyres Are Back in Stock!

13/06/2014 08:04

Both the Dehart and Dehart Slick are available in gum.


Cult Dehart Slick Gum


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

G-Form Pads are here!

29/05/2014 08:00

The pad you've been waiting for your whole life!  These things are super, super slim and so comfortable you actually forget you have them on.  Don't believe us?  Kick Ski in the shin next time you're in the shop*, it is pretty much garaunteed he'll have forgotten to take them off after the morning session.


G-Form pads use the same RPT (reflexive protection technology) tech as a few other pad makers out there, but their own special blend makes their pad the most flexible/soft on the market, at least until you crash.  RPT pads are designed to harden on impact, absorbing up to 90% of the impact force.


On top of all the comfortable fit, G-Form pads contain NO NEOPRENE, which means NO MORE STINKY PADS (or at least, way less stinky).


- 450kr for knees, shins and elbows.

- 795kr for knee/shin combos (we have another shipment with more colours and sizes arriving end week 23)


G-Form knee pad


*In fairness, Ski will probably kick you back even if he still has pads on.  So maybe not the best idea...

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

The chromed-out Arcade has been one of this year's most popular models.  Now back in stock.  Get 'em while their hot...


2014 WTP Arcade Chrome: 3,200kr

2014 WTP Arcade Chrome


If you're into the chrome look, but you'd like something a little bigger then have a look at both the 2014 WTP Reason and a nice custom Cult x Sunday that we have available:


2014 WTP Reason Blue/Chrome Fade



Sunday Butter Chrome

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

We got a small shipment of Sunday 18" Primers in.

18" BMXs are perfect for kids from around 9 - 13 years old (or approx 150 - 160cm), with the short wheelbase and slightly smaller wheel making it much easier handle when starting out.

These are the last ones until the 2015 models arrive, so get in quick!


Sunday 18" Primer: 2,595kr

Sunday 18" Primer


Comments | Posted in Nyheder Nye Produkter By BMX Butikken

Easter Opening Hours

17/04/2014 12:13

Happy Easter!


As always, the web-shop is always open.  If we had our way, we'd be shipping all Easter.  Unfortunately everything else closes down, so there is no one to collect packages...


All orders placed over the Easter break will ship out on Tuesday the 22nd of April.


Pedal & Co (for those of you who still don't know, BMX Butikken lives inside Pedal & Co at Nørrebrogade 200, 2200 in Copenhagen) is closed Thursday, Friday and Monday, but is very much open on Saturday (1000 - 1500) for all of your Easter bike needs.

Comments | Posted By BMX Butikken

Viggo on the flow team!

03/04/2014 20:06

Viggo has been helping out a little while we've been getting the new shop ready.  We've sent him on a few terrifying missions across Nørrbrogade, armed with only a pallet jack and his wits.  He's gotten it done everytime...


On top of being a good kid who works hard, he's also getting pretty good at riding bikes.


Viggo Bro Bars


(pic ruthlessly jacked from Facebook via Mark Topshøj)


Comments | Posted By BMX Butikken

New store is open!

03/04/2014 11:21

Our new store is open!  We've changed the name of the physical location to Pedal & Co, with BMX Butikken coming in as a bit of a shop-in-shop setup (soon enough we'll have the sign up on the door also).


The space is HUGE and we've only finished the 1st phase.  Right now we have a big selection of 2014 completes, as well as loads of parts.  Over the next week, we'll be moving all of our parts selection from the warehouse, as well as lining up some great 2013 complete bike deals.


Drop by and say hi...


Pedal & Co


Pedal & Co


Comments | Posted By BMX Butikken

We've been hard at it for the last month getting our new shop ready.  After a small delay waiting for a few different things to arrive, we're ready to go this Saturday.


We'll be doing an "official" opening party in a couple of weeks.


This Saturday we'll be open 1000 - 1500.


Weekday hours will be 1000 - 1800.

Saturdays will be 1000 - 1500.


Getting to us by car is a little tricky for the uninitiated, so we'll be posting some directions up later in the week.

Comments | Posted in Nyheder By BMX Butikken

New CPH store opening soon

17/02/2014 10:17

After lots of delays, meetings with lawyers and all the rest, our new shop location is finally free of the drama associated with its previous tennants and we are steaming ahead with getting things ready for a mid-March opening.


Until then, we'll be a little slower than normal to reply to emails, so we thank you in advance for your patience.  We are still shipping 100% as normal though, so we expect zero delays on orders placed via our webshop.


We'll get some pics up of the new space shortly.  It's located on Nørrebrogade, close to our warehouse, for anyone who is curious.  One could literally throw something at us from NBP, if one had a good arm...

Comments | Posted in Nyheder By BMX Butikken

50% off all 2012 completes

16/01/2014 19:03

We've slashed prices on our remaining 2012 completes!  Save 50% up until the 15th of February/while stocks last!


The pick of the bunch?  We have 1 2012 Envy left and you can scoop it up for only



WTP 2012 Envy

Comments | Posted in Nyheder Udsalg By BMX Butikken

Items 41 to 50 of 275 total

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